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Complete Guide on Starting Solids

for your Baby








Every time your baby hits a milestone, you are overjoyed at how fast your little one is growing! But one of the most unforgettable milestones is when your baby has his first taste of solid food. This occasion is so special that in many families, there are special rituals and customs for it!

When should you start solids?

The WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding till the age of 6 months, after which you can start your baby on simple purees or mashed food. In case of baby led weaning, you can let your baby decide what to eat – just ensure it’s safe for her! For more information on weaning, check out our comprehensive guide to starting solids.

But the first question that pops into your mind is probably about what to feed your weaning baby. His digestive system is still not completely developed, so you need to be careful with your choice of baby food. Besides, his immunity is still not fully mature, so every morsel of food you feed him needs to be 100% safe and hygienic.

This is why homemade baby food is recommended by all experts the world over. Commercially branded baby food products also contain several additives, which you want to keep your baby away from, at all costs. However, for the modern Mom, preparing baby’s every meal from scratch may not be that feasible, especially if she’s managing a job, the home and older kids. That’s where Little Moppet Foods comes in – you get homemade, hygienically packed food from a Doctor Mom’s kitchen, certified and tested in a NABL accredited laboratory. What’s more, we have a huge variety of products, so there’s no chance of baby getting bored!

First timers – 6 Months +

Basic First Food for Babies

Starting Solids is a major milestone and most of the moms are concerned about whether the baby will be able to digest the foods, poo properly, or will be allergic to new food. We craft all our food to be  homemade, using the same kind of ingredients you have at home and prepare them.We think about every single carefully selected ingredient – its taste, texture and goodness to be safe for the Little Tummies 🙂

Stage 2 Baby Foods

Stage 2 Baby Foods also have ingredients that are suited to babies who are over 7-8 months of age such as spices. Stage 2 Baby Foods can be given after having introduced all Basic and Stage 1 Baby Foods.

Weaning Experts – 8 months+

Your baby is now having multiple solid meals a day, and is more open to experimentation and lumpier textures. Try out our range of products that are richer and more fun for baby to eat.

Toddlers – 12 months+

By now, your little one is probably eating many of the foods the rest of the family is eating, but she still needs a little extra nutritional boost now and then! Get her these nutrient-rich products that’ll ensure she doesn’t get any deficiencies.

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A Complete Weaning Guide with Food Charts from 6 Months to 12 Months

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What should I feed my baby to gain weight?


This is one question which I get to answer “n” number of times daily.

My Mantra is always

” Look at the Baby, Not the Scales”

Yet it is always good to feed nutritious food which ultimately result in weight gain, here are few of the food products that helps weight gain in Babies.

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Weight Gaining Health Mixes for babies