Natural Dried Dates Powder / Dried Kharik Powder 200g

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Get the world’s healthiest natural sweetener in a convenient format!

If you have a sweet tooth, then you know the struggle of satisfying your cravings while taking care of your health. White sugar has zero nutrition, empty calories and can lead to all kinds of lifestyle diseases. So should you pull out that sweet tooth? Not at all! Just get yourself a pack of Little Moppet Foods’ Dates Powder and you’re all set to enjoy your treats!

Dates are nothing short of a superfood. They have so many benefits that can help you – literally from head to toe! Dates provide instant energy, which perk you up right away, without the sudden dip that white sugar gives. The rich iron content ensures good concentration and hair health. Dates are also good for heart health, the nervous system, bones, muscles, digestion – whew!!!

Dates also prevent illnesses like anemia, inflammation, constipation and allergies. And despite the complexity of these benefits, getting them is as simple as pie! All you need is to use Little Moppet Foods’ Dates Powder in your dishes instead of sugar for some natural sweetness and a lovely flavor!

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Age Recommendation: 8months and above

Ingredients: 100% Natural Dried Dates Powder

Instructions to Prepare:

Dry Dates /Kharik Powder can be used as natural sweetner

Add a teaspoon of the powder to milk, porridges, kheer, cookies, cakes for natural sweetness

Storage and Shelf Life:

Once opened, transfer the contents of the packet to a clean and dry airtight container immediately. Shelf life is 6-8 months under refrigeration and 4 months at room temperature.

Allergy Info

 This mix contains no wheat or nuts.

Notes: Before introducing any new foods to babies please do follow 3 Day Rule.


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