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Made with Love… and a Doctor’s Expertise

Our delicious, homemade, organic baby foods are crafted with a doctor’s expertise and a mother’s love… Because we’re parents, too.
Every Little Moppet product is carefully formulated to include complete nutrition and bags of flavor so you can feed your bundle of joy with zero stress!

Mamas Love of Little Moppet Foods

Trusted by over 30,000+ (and counting!) moms, across India, who choose the best for their babies and families.

Choose the Best for Your Little Moppets

Find the perfect bursting-with-flavor organic food products for your family’s unique needs with utmost ease.

STAGE 1 6 months

Starting Solids is a major milestone and most of the moms are concerned about whether the baby will be able to digest the foods, poo properly, or will be allergic to new food. We craft all our food to be homemade, using the same kind of ingredients you have at home and prepare them.We think about every single carefully selected ingredient – its taste, texture and goodness to be safe for the Little Tummies

STAGE 2 6 months +

After having tried and tested all the first foods, your baby is ready to try more first foods that can provide both variety and taste.

STAGE 3 8 months

Stage 2 Baby Foods also have ingredients that are suited to babies who are over 7-8 months of age such as spices. Stage 2 Baby Foods can be given after having introduced all Basic and Stage 1 Baby Foods.

STAGE 4 1 Year

By now, your little one is probably eating many of the foods the rest of the family is eating, but she still needs a little extra nutritional boost now and then! Get her these nutrient-rich products that’ll ensure she doesn’t get any deficiencies.

A Mom with a Mighty Dream

  • Founded in 2015 in response to an overwhelming demand from moms across India, Little Moppet Foods is the dream of Dr. Hemapriya, a mom herself.
  • Dr. Hemapriya wanted to give busy moms easy access to traditional homemade organic baby foods made with an obsessive emphasis on hygiene and nutrition and without any nasty chemicals and icky preservatives.

  • Little Moppet Foods was born out of that dream.
  • Bringing much-loved nutritious baby foods like sathumaavu and sprouted ragi powder to moms who wanted the best for the baby but lacked the time or the know-how for these traditional baby foods.

The Proof’s in the Ingredients

Our promise to you is that every ingredient in our organic baby foods products is easily recognizable and familiar. You’ll never find complicated,
chemical-sounding names and scary additives and preservatives in our ingredients’ list. That is why our products don’t have a shelf-life that’ll outlast your child’s 2nd birthday.


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Moppets Make a Difference

When you choose a Little Moppet Foods natural food product, you help #SaveALittleHeart. I’m proud to have co-founded Little Moppet Heart Foundation, alongside my husband, and contribute a percentage of each purchase to helping children with congenital heart disease have a chance at a healthier, happier future.