Sprouted Sathumaavu Powder / Sprouted Health Mix for Babies Trial pack

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A Protein-Rich, Weight Gaining Health Mix

  • Recommended Age – 6 Months+
  • Sprouting helps the nutrients to be easily absorbed by the little tummies.
  • Freshly prepared and packed after your order is placed !
  • Ingredients: Rice,Wheat,Ragi,Jowar, Roasted Gram, Green Gram, Black Gram,Corn,Sago,Groundnuts,Chickpeas,Horse Gram,Cowpeas,Ajwain,Dry Ginger,Elaichi,Cashew,Pista,Badam
  • Homemade by a Doctor Mom
  • No salt, sugar, preservatives, additives or flavouring agents.
  • Each pack contains 100 gms
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Sprouted Sathumaavu Powder for Babies / Sprouted health Mix

Recommended Age: 6 months and above

Ingredients: Rice,Wheat,Ragi,Jowar, Roasted Gram, Green Gram, Black Gram,Corn,Sago,Groundnuts,Chickpeas,Horse Gram,Cowpeas,Ajwain,Dry Ginger,Elaichi,Cashew,Pista,Badam

How to Prepare: Mix 2 tablespoons of Sprouted Sathu Maavu powder with 2 cups water, without lumps. Cook the mixture on medium flame for at least 10 minutes. Fruit Purees can be added to the porridge to make it naturally sweet.

When you want a calorie dense, nutrition-packed food for your baby you just can’t go wrong with Sathu Maavu mix. Now you can also add another layer of health to this time-tested baby food – by sprouting the lentils in the mix. Little Moppet Food’s Sprouted Sathu Maavu Health Mix ensures that the nutrients are more easily absorbed by little tummies, thanks to sprouting.

An incredible blend of a whopping 19 ingredients, the Sprouted Sathu Maavu Mix is brimming with protein, calcium, carbohydrates, essential vitamins & minerals. We can’t think of a better starting food for your tot!

The good news is you don’t have to spend time in buying, cleaning, sprouting, roasting, grinding and mixing so many ingredients. This ‘mother of all baby food’ is lovingly and safely made in our kitchen and delivered right to your doorstep!

Benefits of Sprouted Sathumaavu Health Mix

Sprouted Sathu Maavu Mix contains the goodness of rice, wheat, sprouted pulses, dry fruits & herbs. Imagine the how potent each spoonful of this porridgewill be for your baby!

  • It’s a trusted, protein rich, weight gaining meal for babies
  • Sprouted pulses have a higher proportion of proteins, fibre, minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin D. And nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body due to sprouting.
  • It’s 100% Safe for your baby since it is made at home with top-quality ingredients, under the strictest hygienic conditions
  • It is 100% natural andwe do NOT add any preservatives, artificial flavor, sugar or salt.

Nutritional Information

Ingredients Nutritional Information
Rice Good source of dietary fiber & carbohydrate
Sprouted Black Urad Dal Rich in protein, Vitamin B complex
Sprouted Masoor Dal Packed with protein, fiber, iron and folate
Horse Gram 1/4th of it contains protein, good source of iron, calcium, molybdenum
Wheat Dalia It is rich in carbohydrate, protein and magnesium
Sprouted Green Gram It is rich in protein, dietary fiber, Iron and magnesium
Sago It is rich in carbohydrate, and has high calorific value
Corn It has high carbohydrate content and protein, vitamin B6, is an antioxidant
Cashew It is rich in good fat and magnesium, vitamin B6 , protein
Almond It is high in fat and proteins, calcium and magnesium
Elachi It is rich in dietary fiber and Iron
Dry Ginger & Ajwain Help with digestion



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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Sprouted sathu maavu mix

I am using this product for past 6 months and this is my baby's favourite porridge anytime. When every other food item fails on a trying day this is the comfort for my baby. Tasty, filling to the little tummy and healthy too.


Good, but very pricey for the quanity


My son loves it.... trying other products as well

Sathumaavu powder is a savior for me.

My 10 months old is a fussy eater. Tried giving her sprouted sathumaavu. She eats it the way she eats other food but trust me I am no more a fussy mom. Relaxed as my lill one is getting all the nutritions that she should. Thank you my little moppets and team!

Yes it is nice

The product is really nice and easy to cook. All the babies will definitely love this and it's very beneficial to them. Though rate is quite high since making is little time taking process.


Its a very healthy and nutritious product .. my son loves the taste of it ..

Wonderful Quality Product

This is an amazing product...My kid love this ... we can feel the quality of the product just after open the pack..... As a parents we are so happy as we have not missed out this product....Thanks


Superb aroma and wonderful taste...thank you Dr. Hema mam.. Our job is done easy with your products...

Sathumavu mix

Though it is very nutritious the elaichi smell is overpowering. I used banana puree to mask it and my baby enjoys eating it

Hi Lakshmi, We add no sugar or salt in our baby products and hence flavorful elachi is added to enhance the taste, It's also good for digestion :) Thank you so much for your lovely feedback. Happy that your baby loved it.

My baby loved it. She eats it even without adding any fruit puree. Just question, when I make the mix using 2 spoons of the mix and 2 cups water and stir it for 10-15 mins it still remains a bit runny. So I'm adding only 1 cup of water is it okay?