Instant Bajra Moongdal Powder

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A Fibre & Protein-Rich Baby Meal

Greater the variety of food you give your baby, wider the range of nutritional benefits. Little Moppet Food’s Instant BajraMoongdal Mix lets you go beyond regular wheat and rice. Bajraor Pearl Millet is a staple in rural India and provides many health benefits that are not found in other grains.

Bajra is a high energy food that will keep your baby fuller for longer. The insoluble fibre in bajra helps tiny tummies with digestion. Amino acids (protein building molecules) in Bajra are easier to digest than those found in wheat. It also has a number of vitamins and minerals that help with overall growth of little ones.

Our Instant BajraMoongdal Mix combines the goodness of Bajra and Moongdal in one easy to prepare, wholesome baby meal.

Each pack contains 200gms.

No of Packs of 200gms Each Price per pack in Rs Saving
1-3 189 Nil
4 179.5 5%
5 170.10 10%



Along with bajra, every spoonful of this mix comes loaded with protein from moongdal and sesame seeds.

  • With the Instant BajraMoongdal Mix, introduce your baby to a variety of nutrients beyond those from wheat and rice
  • It’s a great source of energy, fibre, proteins(from bajra,moongdal and sesame seeds), vitamins and minerals
  • It’s made at home, with 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives. Not even salt and sugar
  • It’s convenient and super quick to prepare

Ingredients:Bajra, Moong Dal, Sesame seeds

Age Recommendation:6 months & above

How to Prepare:Add 100 ml of boiled hot water to 4 tbsp of powder and close the bowl with a lid for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes stir well and serve

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Very interesting but Dr. Can you suggest the measurements of bajra,moving dal and sesame seed for grinding at home,I already moong call n sesame so can you please help me to grind at home


The mixture remains quite lumpy if I do not stir it after adding in the hot boiling water. Should I add the hot water, clear all lumps off, stir & then close for 5 minutes?


After few spoons we usually have to sing dance and do all the funny faces to make my baby eat,but this bajra mix was the only food for which she opened her mouth until the bowl was empty.


I thought my daughter will not like Bajra, but she loved it....
Its really nice...
Thanks Doc


should we add sweetener or salt to taste or does the mix has it already ?


My daughter likes to have Instant Bajra Moongdal Powder not only during travels but also at home. Thanks Dr.Hema.