Instant Wheat Dalia Elaichi Powder

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An Energy-Rich Baby Meal

Give your baby a high energy meal thathelps his digestive system and also boosts his physical development. Little Moppet Food’s Instant Wheat Dalia Elaichi Powder brings the many healthbenefits of broken wheat (dalia) for your growing baby.

Your baby’s body needsloads of energyfor growing up. What better source of energy than carbs-rich wheat?And one of the best ways to have wheat is in the form of broken wheat or dalia. Our Instant Wheat Dalia Elaichi Powder has dalia that’s richer in fiber and other nutrients than polished wheat.

Not only is the Powder high in nutrition, it’s also convenient and quick to prepare. You can have a piping hot, homemade baby meal ready in just a few minutes.

Each pack contains 200 gms.


Why we love our Instant Wheat Dalia Elaichi Powder:

  • It’s rich in carbohydrates which give energy, fibre which makes digestion easy, proteins from roasted gram and a lot of vitamins and minerals critical for growing bodies
  • It’s super convenient for you (mom) since you just have to add hot water and a healthful homemade meal is ready for your baby!
  • It’s 100% Natural and preservatives-free, sugar-free and salt-free
  • We lovingly make it at home in our own kitchen

Ingredients:Wheat Dalia,Roasted Gram,Elaichi

Age Recommendation:6 months & above

How to Prepare:Add 100 ml of boiled hot water to 4 tbsps of powder and close the bowl with a lid for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes stir well and serve.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Instant Wheat Dalia Elaichi Powder


Will the nutrition decrease if you cook the instant mixes for 10 minutes? Also can you mix two or three type of instant mixes while making the porridge?


Rather than just adding boiling water I tried to cook in stove. The taste and texture differs. Will it be 100% cooked by just adding boiling water. ??


I wanted to introduce some new porridge after the usual ragi, rice etc. And came across this porridge. I instantly liked it as it had both wheat and dhalia. So went ahead and bough this. Elaichi gives a very nice flavour to this porridge. The taste of the porridge is also so yummy that my son liked it when i introduced this to him.


my baby loves it....


Hi Hema,
please let me know is it ok to give this porridge to 2 year old if so can i add vegetables and salt to this porridge


Thank you Ramya, glad your little one enjoyed it :)


My little one absolutely loved the porridge - thanks Dr Hema


I have ordered this wheat dalia powder but whenever I make it lumps formed in it... Don't know y it's happening.. pls solve my query asap


Hello madam,

can you please tell how to make laddu using this powder as my baby is not taking it as porridge.