Sprouted Sathumaavu Powder / Sprouted Health Mix for Babies

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A Protein-Rich, Weight Gaining Health Mix

  • Recommended Age – 6 Months+
  • Sprouting helps the nutrients to be easily absorbed by the little babies.
  • Freshly prepared and packed after your order is placed !
  • Ingredients: Rice,Wheat,Ragi,Jowar, Roasted Gram, Green Gram, Black Gram,Corn,Sago,Groundnuts,Chickpeas,Horse Gram,Cowpeas,Ajwain,Dry Ginger,Elaichi,Cashew,Pista,Badam
  • Homemade by a Doctor Mom
  • No salt, sugar, preservatives, additives or flavouring agents.
  • Each pack for 200 gms




Sprouted Sathumaavu for Babies / Sprouted Health Mix for babies

Recommended Age: 6 months and above

Ingredients: Rice,Wheat,Ragi,Jowar, Roasted Gram, Green Gram, Black Gram,Corn,Sago,Groundnuts,Chickpeas,Horse Gram,Cowpeas,Ajwain,Dry Ginger,Elaichi,Cashew,Pista,Badam

How to Prepare: Mix 2 tablespoons of Sprouted Sathu Maavu powder with 2 cups water, without lumps. Cook the mixture on medium flame for at least 10 minutes. Fruit Purees can be added to the porridge to make it naturally sweet.

When you want a calorie dense, nutrition-packed food for your baby you just can’t go wrong with Sathu Maavu mix. Now you can also add another layer of health to this time-tested baby food – by sprouting the lentils in the mix. Little Moppet Food’s Sprouted Sathu Maavu Health Mix ensures that the nutrients are more easily absorbed by little tummies, thanks to sprouting.

An incredible blend of a whopping 19 ingredients, the Sprouted Sathu Maavu Mix is brimming with protein, calcium, carbohydrates, essential vitamins & minerals. We can’t think of a better starting food for your tot!

The good news is you don’t have to spend time in buying, cleaning, sprouting, roasting, grinding and mixing so many ingredients. This ‘mother of all baby food’ is lovingly and safely made in our kitchen and delivered right to your doorstep!

Benefits of Sprouted Sathumaavu Health mix for Babies

Sprouted SathuMaavu Mix contains the goodness of rice, wheat, sprouted pulses, dry fruits & herbs. Imagine the how potent each spoonful of this porridgewill be for your baby!

  • It’s a trusted, protein rich, weight gaining meal for babies
  • Sprouted pulses have a higher proportion of proteins, fibre, minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin D. And nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body due to sprouting.
  • It’s 100% Safe for your baby since it is made at home with top-quality ingredients, under the strictest hygienic conditions
  • It is 100% natural andwe do NOT add any preservatives, artificial flavor, sugar or salt.

Nutritional Information

Ingredients Nutritional Information
Rice Good source of dietary fiber & carbohydrate
Sprouted Black Urad Dal Rich in protein, Vitamin B complex
Sprouted Masoor Dal Packed with protein, fiber, iron and folate
Horse Gram 1/4th of it contains protein, good source of iron, calcium, molybdenum
Wheat Dalia It is rich in carbohydrate, protein and magnesium
Sprouted Green Gram It is rich in protein, dietary fiber, Iron and magnesium
Sago It is rich in carbohydrate, and has high calorific value
Corn It has high carbohydrate content and protein, vitamin B6, is an antioxidant
Cashew It is rich in good fat and magnesium, vitamin B6 , protein
Almond It is high in fat and proteins, calcium and magnesium
Elachi It is rich in dietary fiber and Iron
Dry Ginger & Ajwain Help with digestion




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Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Wholesome organic food

Thank you for your variety of healthy organic food options that has made the lives of mothers easy. Sathu Mavu is my son's favorite and going by the ingredients, a wholesome meal too!

Thank you so much, glad your little one liked the health mix :)

It's very healthy and easy to cook.. I would like to recommend all your products..

Goki, Thank you so much for recommending our products to other. We are glad to know that we had help you in your parenting journey.

My daughter loves this porridge.she is 1tear old and bf.she is not taking either cow's milk or aavin milk.so I am feeding this twice a day.can I continue like this


I have ordered this for my 10 month old baby, I always give homemade food to him, since I am back to work this mix is a boon for me as I don't have time to prepare.
My son likes the taste and kudos to ur team for bringing such a range of good products which is really helpful for working mothers like me.


Dear doctor
The product has an organic symbol shown on the pack image..are all ingredients organic ? One more doubt are the almonds n nuts blanched/ sprouted to bring down the phytates content ? Are the almonds organic ?


I have a one year old daughter.. should i use this product for her or you have any other for one year plus..

Also instead of porridge can i add one spoon of this mix to her meal whenever i make her a meal like dalia porridge..namkeen oats..namkeen dalia.. dal rice khichdi..etc?


Easy to cook and my baby like its taste verymuch


Helo i have ordered the sprouted one for my 7 month plus lo. She has been introduced with basic foods .Is it ok to to begin with sprouted and not normal one?? I am confused after reading the reviews


First I want to tell thank you once again, I've purchased a lot your products, and I love your initiative to help poor children with 1 meal from our 2 purchase. As my toddler is growing i am adding others varieties too, this month I took this mix, I've made as you show recipe on pack, I also saw some comments about cow milk, is okay if I prepare using buffalo milk? And about iron, can it decreases absorption?


We are USA and have used Sprouted Sathu Maavu Health Mix. On packet it says its ORGANIC - but in one of your comment is " ingredients are NOT organic" Am confused. Please clarify. Thanks