Sathumaavu Health Mix / Multigrain Health Mix Powder Trial Pack

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The best traditional weight gain formula with nutrition packed ingredients.

  • Recommended Age6 months & above
  • Easily cooked like porridge.
  • Energy rich and aids weight gain in a healthy way.
  • The best nutritious meal for baby’s overall development.
  • No preservatives, artificial flavors, sugar or salt.


Sathumaavu Health Mix / Multigrain Health Mix

Its unique combination of pulses, cereals and dry fruits ensures that your baby gets the all-round nourishment that is so critical in the early years. And it’s 100% safe!

With every mushy spoonful, you can be confident that you are giving your child the best possible solid food for her development.

What makes SathuMaavu health mix so special?

  • It’s an excellent weight gaining food for babies
  • A perfect meal, it’s full of carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, vitamins and minerals
  • Lovingly made at home in a doctor mom’s kitchen, with handpicked ingredients of the highest quality
  • It does NOT contain any preservatives, artificial flavor, sugar or salt.

Ingredients: Rice, Black Urad Dal, Green Gram, Roasted Gram, Moong Dal, Masoor dal, Wheat Dalia, Sago, Horse gram, Corn, Almonds, Cashew, Elachi

Nutritional Information

Ingredient Nutritional Information
Rice Good source of dietary fiber & carbohydrate
Black Urad Dal Rich in protein, Vitamin B complex
Masoor Dal Packed with protein, fiber, iron and folate
Horse Gram 1/4th of it contains protein, good source of iron, calcium, molybdenum
Wheat Dalia It is rich in carbohydrate, protein and magnesium
Green Gram It is rich in protein, dietary fiber, Iron and magnesium
Sago It is rich in carbohydrate, and has high calorific value
Corn It has high carbohydrate content and protein, vitamin B6, is an antioxidant
Cashew It is rich in good fat and magnesium, vitamin B6 , protein
Almond It is high in fat and proteins, calcium and magnesium
Elachi It is rich in dietary fiber and Iron

Recommended Age: 6 months and above

How to Prepare: Mix 2 tablespoon of SathuMaavu powder with 2 cups water without lumps. Cook the mixture on medium flame for atleast 10 minutes. Fruit Purees can be added to the porridge to make it sweet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews

Healthy food... 👍🏻

Good product

Taste is good


extremely Happy


Sathumaavu Health Mix / Multigrain Health Mix Powder Trial Pack

Must try!!!

Really helpful


Tastes great

Baby eats without fuss!

Initially I was skeptical if my son would have it or not! But he enjoys the sathumavu with little jaggery. Healthy and easy snacks sorted!


Sathumaavu Health Mix / Multigrain Health Mix Powder Trial Pack

My 1st order -Sathumaavu,Ragi porridge & dry nuts powder

Im completely satisfied with the product which I bought for my 7m old baby. It is as per my expectations like no added sugars,not found any preservatives & the tasted real flavor especially my baby accepted & enjoy having it. THANK YOU DR.MOMMY & the Team.


Sathumaavu Health Mix / Multigrain Health Mix Powder Trial Pack