Sprouted Ragi Powder

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Sprout your way to good health!

It is common knowledge that sprouting any food increases its nutritional content, but when you sprout a nutrient dense food like Ragi, the result is a true super food that has higher concentrations of everything a growing baby needs! Little Moppet Foods’ Sprouted Ragi Powder is one such food that is so versatile that its benefits needn’t be restricted to babies!

Traditionally, ragi has been known to be extremely healthy for babies and adults alike. It is a very rich source of calcium, which helps bones grow nice and strong. Ragi is also a good source of iron. Ragi’s Vitamin C content increases on sprouting, increasing the bio-availability of iron.

Making sprouted ragi powder or flour at home can take a lot of time since it involves many steps. Little Moppet Foods’ Sprouted Ragi Powder does all the work for you and you get 100% natural and hygienic sprouted ragi powder that can be used to make a variety of dishes besides baby porridge – dosa, idli, cookies, laddus and more!

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  • High in fiber
  • Easy to digest
  • Rich in calcium
  • Very good source of iron
  • Can be used to make a variety of dishes
  • 100% free from preservatives, added sugar and artificial flavors

Age Recommendation: 6 months & above

Ingredients: Sprouted Ragi

How to Prepare:

  • Add 2 tablespoons of Sprouted Ragi Powder to 2 cups water and mix without lumps.
  • Cook the mixture on a medium flame for at least 15 minutes.
  • Any pureed fruit can be added for sweetness. Serve lukewarm.


  1. Sumi Vivek

    As a new mom, I’ve been thinking about what to feed my little one from the day she was born! So when she turned six I had a chart ready and started introducing her to her first foods – vegetables and fruits. The weather in Delhi was not very conducive to make and store ragi and hence I started to scout for places where I can source them and voila I chanced upon “mylittlemoppet”….although I was skeptical at first, I took a leap of faith and I’m very happy that my little one is enjoying the new addition to her food discovery 🙂

    Her expression on Day one was not too positive but she kept opening her little mouth for more and then some more….I kept my fingers crossed and kept hoping that all was well and sure it was…I have now started adding stewed and pureed apple to the porridge just so that the fibre helps in her digestion. Touchwood, it has been over ten days and she seems to look forward to her breakfast! The sprouted ragi powder is very easy to prepare and the packaging is very neat and clean. Could not have asked for more. Kudos to the team for helping in my lil one’s growth!

    • Dr Hema

      Dear Sumi,

      Thank you for your feedback and appreciation, it really means a lot 🙂

  2. Fahmeedah

    I stay in bahrain.. can it b delivered to Bahrain.? I wanted to buy sprouted ragi and sathumaavu health mix for my 7month old baby.
    Anyhow my mum is travelling to here in month end may b she can get it here. But my question is that it shud b used within 2months.
    Coz i wanted to order sprouted sathumaavu n dry friut mix for my daughter..

    • Dr Hema

      Dear Fahmeedah,

      Presently we do not have overseas shipping and we are in the process of getting the license done, yes your mother can buy it from here, if you transfer the contents to a air tight container then they will last 3-4 months outside and 6-8 months inside the refrigerator

  3. Fahmeedah

    Thanks alot doctor… u have been a great help to new mums.. ur recipes are too good n easy too…
    I shall order few now.. when i come india may b on july i can order remaining…
    When can Sathumaavu b given.? Breakfast lunch.?
    U can also launch MLM add on tv so that rest of d world can know..v all ladies are proud of u…


    • Dr Hema

      Dear Fahmeedah,

      Thank you for your appreciation 🙂

      Sathumaavu can be given anytime, first try in morning around 11 am for a week then you can give regularly

  4. Hawwa (verified owner)

    your packing is very neat and clean so is it necessary to transfer the content in other air tight container?
    I have ordered some packets from you and opened only 3 and transferred in other air tight container. I have kept other packets which are not opened as it is.
    its ok or shall i transfer it to containers. My baby is enjoying sathumaavu currently so dont want to open all the packs. plz guide.

    • Dr Hema

      Dear Hawwa,

      It is better to transfer the contents to a airtight container even if you are using, even though we are using BPA free package it is always better to store in an airtight container.



  5. Ranjini Neogi (verified owner)

    Once my baby started solids, I was constantly on the search for first cereals that would suit her as well as are free from any harmful preservatives. I happened to find My little moppet baby products then and instantly liked the products as they are mostly organic and homemade. I ordered the sprouted ragi powder along with the saathumavu mix and am very happy with the result. My daughter loved the taste and had no digestion issues so far. the quality of the products are really good. I really appreciate the hard work and the effort by Dr. Hema and her team on this to help us mothers feed their babies with this huge range of nutritious baby foods.

    • Dr Hema

      Thank you so much Ranjini 🙂

  6. arunprijith2025

    Im new for this site. As I was checkn ..I saw ragi malt . Ragi powder ragi mix..
    Wats the difference nbtwn des all

    • Dr Hema

      Dear Arun,

      Ragi malt is like a health drink, you can mix in milk and have it as drink and ragi powder and ragi mix can be given as porridge

  7. Shweta Shridhar (verified owner)

    My baby’s paediatrician had advised us to start ragi for my baby after she turned 6 months. As ragi is rich in iron & calcium. After scouting various websites & stores, came across sprouted ragi powder only on this site. Since sprouted ragi powder is easy to digest. After placing an order online, received a neat package with clear instructions which were very easy to follow.It was an instant hit with my baby. She likes it with fruit puree/juice.Am highly satisfied with the product. Will be ordering more products from here. I refer to this website almost daily. Special thanks to Dr.Hema and her team for providing such high quality products online, helpful emails, recipes, articles & highly informative website.

    • Dr Hema

      Thank you so much Shweta 🙂

  8. Swathi (verified owner)

    The first best product …… Ragi is a good Brf food for babies and this product made life easier ….. My son haves it daily ….. Thanks doc and team

  9. Chitra

    Can I feed ragi in rainy season

    • Dr Hema

      Yes you can

  10. Roshni (verified owner)

    MLM products r really good nd am totally satisfied … tons of thnx to Dr.Hema…

  11. Pramisha Ladha

    Hello Hema,
    i have a question – is this Gluten free?
    it is not mentioned anywhere in the package. Can you confirm it?
    thanks a lot.

    • Dr Hema


      yes Little Moppet Foods Sprouted ragi powder is gluten free 🙂

  12. Laxmi

    Hi dr Hema am Laxmi my son is 16 months old am new to this, I don’t know what is best,pls gv a advice

    • Dr Hema

      Hi laxmi,

      Thank you for your interest in our store, you can check this link for options for toddlers.

  13. DEBESH (verified owner)

    Dear Dr.Hema,

    Ragi is a healthy food to be given to baby, adults and elderly people. But sprouted ragi is even more healthier. Instead of making this in home, your ready made Sprouted Ragi Powder is a time saver and very easy to prepare. My wife finds it easy to prepare. And my daughter loves your baby foods. All your ragi products are 100% hit with my 2 year old daughter.


  14. Padmini (verified owner)

    My daughter is 1 year old.. I am using your dry fruit powder & sprouted sathumavu mix & my daughter really likes it. She even started gaining proper weight..

    2 months back I ordered sprouted ragi powder, but due to some reasons I haven’t opened the packet. Today when I cooked it with water it didn’t got mix properly with water.. I can see powder & water separately..

    Should I cook with fresh milk or is the powder got spoiled? Pls suggest

    • Hemapriya Natesan

      Hi padmini,

      We are very happy to know that your baby likes our product, The powder will be good for atleast 4 months, first mix water na dpowder and then cook it over flame

  15. Deepa Bangera (verified owner)

    Thanks a lot Dr. Hema. My 7-month old baby is enjoying your products.

  16. Jyoti p

    Is it safe to feed babies ragi during rainy season does it cause cough pls suggest me

  17. Rachna (verified owner)

    Hello doc,

    My son is 6 months old and I started giving him Ragi prepared at home as his first solids. I happened to visit your website and ordered
    sprouted Ragi mix & Sathamaavu mix.

    My son enjoys it but had a concern regarding the powder not being strained. As I am used to giving him homemade strained Ragi porridge it would be nice if you could start preparing the same so that we can order more and more stuff from your kitchen 😊

    • Hemapriya Natesan

      Dear Rachna,

      Do you mean to say Sieved? we sieve the powder and then only pack

  18. niyazibrahim

    Dear Doc

    Usually when we make at home ragi had a outer layer powder(barn) brown in colour which settle down when we mix in water.
    Is this safe for consuming for babies or do we need to filter it out ?

  19. Dr Sonal

    Hello just got instant sprouted ragi mix from u. Packet says need not be cooked over flame. But when i added boiled water and kept aside for 5 min covered, it tasted raw… so again had to cook it. Pls tell correct method. And whether it can b used in travel

    • Hema Priya

      Hi, the instant sprouted ragi mix is an instant food product. Adding boiled water and covering it for 5 minutes should do, try stirring well after adding water and before serving.

  20. Priya

    Hi Do you deliver to US? What are the shipping charges if any?

    • Hema Priya

      HI Priya, We do deliver to the US. Kindly send in a mail to store@mylittlemoppet.com with the address and product details. The store team will get back to you with cost and other details.

  21. Sylvia

    hi Doctor,

    Today every products are saying “Organic No Preservatives added” like but are they genuine? No. Not at all. Don’t take me wrong but i have the same question to you. Can we trust you?

    • Hema Priya

      Hello dear, As far as our products are concerned I can promise you that they are 100% organic and sourced directly form Organic Mandya. You can use it to check the genuineness.

  22. Sylvia

    Thank you, Doctor.

  23. Jayana Patel

    Hi doctor
    I live in New Zealand and would u be able to ship??
    And also m scared to buy online specially for baby

    • Hema Priya

      Hello Jayana,

      We do ship our products to out of India. You have to drop a mail with your product requirement list and address details to store@mylittlemoppet.com. And also there is nothing to worry about using Little Moppet Foods products.

      All Little Moppet Food products are homemade, under the strictest hygienic conditions. Almost sterile conditions, some would say. Anyone who handles the food has to wear disposable gloves and hair net at all times.We do not add any preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, refined sugar or salt in any of our products.

  24. harshakorgaonkar (verified owner)

    can I mix nd boil it with milk? then give to my 8 months old son

    • customercare

      Hello Harsha,

      For babies below 1 year Cow milk should not be introduced. For now you can make Sprouted Ragi powder porridge using water, but before feeding it to your lo you can add breast milk/formula milk in it. Apart from this you can also add dry fruits powder and ghee in it to make healthy and tastier.

  25. Nazni (verified owner)

    Hi doctor,

    Shud we add dry fruits powder at the end or shud we mix it with ragi powder itself. I

    • customercare

      Hye Nazni,

      The dry fruits powder should be added after the Ragi porridge is cooked.

  26. Nazni (verified owner)

    Hi doctor,

    Shud we add dry fruits powder at the end of the ragi porridge or shud mix with ragi powder itself.

    • customercare

      Hello Nazni,

      After cooking the Ragi porridge, lastly add dry fruits powder in the porridge and feed it to your child.

  27. Dhanashree Mengle

    Hello Dr. Hema,

    My son is 9 months old now. He really enjoys the taste of the ragi porridge. The packaging and quality is superior. I have a query, what is the ideal time to give him ragi?? Can i feed him for dinner between 8 to 9 p.m.


    • customercare

      Hi Dhanashree,

      It is better if you feed your child Ragi during morning either as breakfast or mid snack or in afternoon as lunch. But not in the late evening or night.

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