Organic Jaggery 400 gm


Skip the sugar and sweeten your food naturally!

With rising awareness about the ill-effects of excessive sugar in the diet, people have become more cautious about using it in their cooking. However, as Indians, eating bland food isn’t very pleasurable, especially when it comes to festivals! This is where Little Moppet Foods’ Organic Jaggery Powder comes into the picture, as a healthier alternative to sugar.

Studies have shown that a child’s taste preferences are set in infancy, and they dictate his lifelong fod habits. A child who is used to excessive sugar-sweetened food in his first year will have a greater tendency to consume high calorie and artificially sweetened foods all through childhood and well into his adult life. Using jaggery instead of sugar offers a more mellowed taste that is not too sweet, but also adds a lovely flavor to the final dish.

Little Moppet Foods’ Organic Jaggery Powder is made without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It is also free from preservatives, synthetic colors and artificial flavoring. It has zero trans fat and zero saturated fat, making it a great choice for anyone planning a healthy lifestyle. A small amount gives the required sweetness, thus you don’t need as much as sugar.

Consists of 400 gm of 100% Pure Organic jaggery


  • Rich in Iron and prevents Anemia
  • Aids in digestion and prevents constipation
  • Strengthens Bones
  • Good Source of Energy
  • Prevents from Respiratory Problems
  • 100% natural, without any preservatives, artificial flavors or colors

Age Recommendation: 1 year and above

Ingredients: 100% Organic Jaggery

How to Prepare: Use instead of sugar in regular cooking; adjust quantity for taste

Jaggery is a traditional non-centrifugal cane sugar consumed in Asia, Africa and some countries in the Americas. It is a concentrated product of cane juice without separation of the molasses and crystals, and can vary from golden brown to dark brown in colour. It contains up to 50% sucrose, up to 20% invert sugars, and up to 20% moisture, with the remainder made up of other insoluble matter, such as wood ash, proteins, and bagasse fibres.
Please boil and sieve the product before use.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Very good


Dear friends, I have tried some other Jaggery powder from Tamil Nadu which claims that it's 100% organic like that but organic Jaggery powder produced by My Little Moppet is superior and best in it's class.

As usual it is sooper

My baby loves all the food, healthy and tasty, good alternative for Sugar

Nice product

The best alternative for sugar and this jaggery powder is very good for babies health


I m giving this organic jaggery to my 2-year old baby since she was one year and continue to give it... As a sweetner I am using only MLM Organic Jaggery to her food... and i wud suggest every mom to switch from sugar and other jaggery to MLM Organic Jaggery... A very big thumbsup Dr. Hema....


Earlier I was thinking twice to buy a baby product. Once I strtto us mlm product carefree now.. it is a trust worthy product.. I strongly recommend to all mommies


Organic Jaggery


Hi Hema,

As you said you advice jaggery only after 1 year, my baby is of 7 months old now. I have been giving her ragi mixed with Saathumaavu poddigre since her Six month, but she isn't liking to eat , so thought adding jaggery to it.
Please suggest me to make my girls food interesting or tasty for her..

Thank you


Hi Dr Hema ,

Initially i have ordered 200 gms. My baby liked the taste and the taste of all the foods to which i have added it. Now i am ordering 400 gms. Can i add formula milk to oats porridge , multigrain health drink, organic jaggery and dry fruits powder as i have ordered all these. Please refer me some iron,calcium and protien rich food as my 11 month old baby is lactose intolerant .


Can I give it to my 11 month completed son?