Instant Ragi Moongdal Powder – Trial Pack

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A Calcium & Protein-Rich Baby Meal

Keeping your pantry stocked with baby food that boasts ofhigh amounts of calcium & proteins and is super-quick to make, is always a smart idea. Little Moppet Food’s Instant Ragi Moongdal Powderis a must-have nutritious meal option for your little one. And because it’s so easy to make, it’s also a fantastic travel food!

Calcium is essential for bone and teeth health, especially for growing kids. Ragi or finger millet is an excellent natural source of calcium, in addition to containing fiber, proteins, iron and minerals like potassium. Protein is required for cell formation and helps build muscles. Moong dal is not only high in protein, it is also easier to digest than other dals, which makes it perfect for babies.

Each pack contains 100 gms.


Watch with satisfaction as your child slurps up spoon after spoon of this soft, nutritious ragi moongdal porride because:

  • It’s made at home with love, under a doctor mom’s supervision, with only the best quality ingredients
  • It’s 100% natural, without any preservatives, artificial flavor or even salt and sugar
  • It’s full of essential nutrients like calcium, protein,fiber, vitamins and minerals

And don’t forget to carry the mix with you on your next holiday. It needs only boiling water and 5 minutes of time to prepare.

Ragi, Moong Dal, Groundnuts

Age Recommendation – 6 months & above

How to Prepare: Add 100 ml of boiled hot water to 4 tbsps of powder and close the bowl with a lid for 5 minutes.After 5 minutes, stir well and serve.



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Ravi moongdal mix

Its awesome. Kids just love it

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