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    Buy pancakes online India weight gaining combo for babies and kids

    Chubby Cheeks Breakfast Combo for Kids

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    Healthy foods for your child’s healthy weight gain! “Why is your baby so thin?”, “Doesn’t your child eat?” – If you have encountered these questions from well-meaning relatives or even from complete strangers, you are not alone! If your baby is active, alert and reaching developmental milestones in time, you have nothing to worry about. Having said that, it is important to include healthy calories and good fats in the diet that help with brain development, facilitate heart health, and give the energy to enjoy an active day! As a happy side-effect, they also contribute to a healthy weight gain in kids. We have handpicked 4 packs for you so your child can get the healthy calories that their developing bodies need. Our Chubby Cheeks Combo comes with 75 gms of the Banana Oats Pancake Mix, 100 gms of Multi-millet Dosa Mix, 100 gms of  Sathu Maavu Mix and 50 gms of Choco Dates Smoothie. Order this combo today and save Rs 66 !
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    Instant Banana Pancake Mix for Babies

    Fussy Toddler Combo

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    Getting our toddlers to eat three healthy meals a day, not counting snacks, is not for the faint-hearted. The struggle is real, we get you. But as a parent, our job is to consistently offer healthy food options and lay the foundation of healthy food habits in our little ones. What if we get a little help along the way with some delicious, 100% natural flavors that kids generally enjoy? Keeping our little ones’ taste preferences and our own health preferences for them in mind, we have created a bundle of some deliciously healthy mixes that will ensure that your child gets the nutrients that are essential for their growing minds and bodies. The Fussy Toddler combo includes:
    • Little Moppet Foods’ Banana Oats Pancake Mix – This combination of organic oats and Kerala banana powder is loaded with dietary fiber, protein, Vitamin C, potassium, and lots of other nutrients. Thanks to their natural sweetness, these pancakes are usually a hit with the kids!
    Our Fussy Toddler Combo comes with 75 gms of the Banana Oats Pancake Mix,  50 gms of Dates Powder, 100 gms of Sprouted Ragi Malt and 100 gms of Choco Immuno Booster Drink. Order this combo today and save Rs 68 !
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    loose weight after pregnancy with these foods

    Get Trim Combo For Adults

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    Your journey towards a fitter ‘you’ just got easier! Hoping to shed the baby-weight you gained during your pregnancy? We hear you! The simple mantra for weight-loss is to eat healthy and exercise. But, like all of us who have ever tried to lose weight know, eating healthy is much easier said than done. Even if we know what foods are good for us, how much time do we really have to prepare our diet-friendly food every day? Because we at Little Moppet Foods are mothers too, we understand the demands on your time. To help you on your weight-loss journey, we have put together a Get Trim Combo.
    • Little Moppet Foods’ Get Trim Health Mix 100 g– Made from a combination of Ragi, Horsegram and Flaxseeds, our Get Trim Health Mix is an organic, low calorie health mix powder that provides strength and energy without the excess calories.
    • Little Moppet Foods’ Protein Delight Powder 50 g– The high protein content of this mix keeps you feeling satiated and reduces cravings for junk food. When you work out and consume protein, your body burns fat and strengthens muscles, making your body fit and toned. 
    • Little Moppet Foods’ Barnyard Millet Noodles – Barnyard Milllet, while being high in various nutrients, also has the least carbohydrate content among all millets, making these noodles perfect for those trying to lose weight.
    • Little Moppet Foods’ Organic Jaggery – Trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to give up on your sweet indulgences. Instead, you can replace sugar with a healthier, iron-rich and naturally sweet alternative like our Organic Jaggery powder.
    Our Get Trim Combo comes with 100 gms of the Get Trim Health Mix, 50 gms of Protein Delight Powder, 180 gms of Barnyard Millet Noodles and 200 gms of Organic Jaggery. Order this combo today and save  rs 57!
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    natural homemade immunobooster drink for kids Boost your child immunity with these foods with discount

    ImmunoBooster Combo – Increase Immunity for Kids and Adults

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    Boost your family’s immunity with the unbeatable power of nuts, grains, and millets Seasonal changes are hard on kids and sometimes on grown-ups too. Someone in the family is usually wheezing or coughing during season changes, don’t you agree? Can we do something about it? Absolutely! We can go back to our roots and tap the immunity building power of millets like Ragi (finger millet), Jowar (sorghum) and Kangni (foxtail millet); the energy from whole-grains like wheat, dalia and oats; and the chock-full of vitamins, minerals, proteins and good fats from almonds, cashew nuts and other nuts and seeds. We have put together an Immunity Booster combo for you which can safeguard your family from illnesses especially during seasonal changes. By having these mixes daily, you give our body the best chance at keeping illnesses away. In this combo you will get:
    • Little Moppet Foods Immunobooster Drink - Our Immuno Booster Drink combines the immunity boosting benefits of almonds, cashew nuts, turmeric, oats, sesame seeds, and other healthy seeds.
    • Little Moppet Foods’ Multi-millet Pancake Mix - Rich in protein, calcium, iron, fiber, and antioxidants, these pancakes make for the perfect breakfast for the family. And the icing on the (pan)cake - it takes only minutes to whip up these beauties!
    Our Immuno Booster Combo comes with 100 gms of Immunobooster Mix, 75 gms of the Multi Millets Pancake Mix, 50 gms of Nuts Powder, and 100 gms of Multigrain Health Drink. Order this combo today and save Rs 75 !
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    food that boost breastfeeding

    Lactation Combo – For Breastfeeding Moms

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      In this combo you will get: Order this combo today and save 25% !
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    Little Moppet Foods Organic Instant Millet Dosa 1 Powerful breakfast with organic homemade food products at discounted price

    Power Breakfast Combo for Adults

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    Fuel your body with foods that energize! In our busy lives while we juggle multiple balls day in and day out, our bodies bear the brunt of poor food choices made as a result of time crunch. How about stocking your pantry with homemade, 100% natural, preservative-free food mixes that offer a multitude of nutrients with very little time required in the kitchen? The following of our food mixes and noodles are particularly popular with busy parents:
    • Little Moppet Foods’ Energy Nutri Mix - With whole grains, lentils, nuts and seeds, the Energy Nutri Mix breakfast is an explosion of health! This fantastic mix provides complex carbohydrates for energy, protein for strength, and healthy fats for nerve function.
    Our Power Combo comes with 100 gms of the Organic Instant Millet Dosa, 100 gms of Ragi Noodles,100 gms of Energy Nutri Mix, and 100 gms Multigrain Health Drink.
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