Healthy foods for your child’s healthy weight gain!

“Why is your baby so thin?”, “Doesn’t your child eat?” – If you have encountered these questions from well-meaning relatives or even from complete strangers, you are not alone! If your baby is active, alert and reaching developmental milestones in time, you have nothing to worry about. Having said that, it is important to include healthy calories and good fats in the diet that help with brain development, facilitate heart health, and give the energy to enjoy an active day! As a happy side-effect, they also contribute to a healthy weight gain in kids.

We have handpicked 4 packs for you so your child can get the healthy calories that their developing bodies need.

Our Chubby Cheeks Combo comes with 75 gms of the Banana Oats Pancake Mix, 100 gms of Multi-millet Dosa Mix, 100 gms of  Sathu Maavu Mix and 50 gms of Choco Dates Smoothie.

Order this combo today and save Rs 66 !