Sathumaavu Health Mix / Multigrain Health Mix Powder

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The best traditional weight gain formula with nutrition packed ingredients.

  • Recommended Age6 months & above
  • Easily cooked like porridge.
  • Energy rich and aids weight gain in a healthy way.
  • The best nutritious meal for baby’s overall development.
  • No preservatives, artificial flavors, sugar or salt.
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  • Best solid food for weight gain as well as brain and body development in babies.
  • Highly nutritious fiber rich and easily digestible.
  • Energy giving and most filling diet.
  • 100% safe for tiny tummies as it is made with top-quality ingredients and under strict hygienic conditions.

Age Recommendation: 6 months & above

Ingredients: Rice, Black Urad Dal, Green Gram, Roasted Gram, Moong Dal, Masoor dal, Wheat Dalia, Sago, Horse gram, Corn, Almonds, Cashew, Elaichi.

How to Prepare: Mix 2 tablespoon of sathumaavu powder with 2 cups water without lumps. Cook the mixture on medium flame for at least 10 minutes. If you find the porridge runny, then add less water according to your preference. Fruit Purees can be added to the porridge to make it sweet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews

Sathumaavu Health Mix / Multigrain Health Mix Powder

My story

Hi I'm suseela,I have two kids.i love little moppet products . especially saathmavu bcus d sweet dat made with dis was awesome no one should say no to dis sweet from kids to old age people.nd d sweet recipe is " gulpaapdi" wch u shown in youtube.choco ragi pancake. Also very gud.. my kids say yummy yummy and tasty ..Amma to dis pancake...I fell in love with d full...

Really good

Tasty and healthy

Best health mix

my baby likes this

My baby like this

Papa like this lot and taste was nice

Saathumaavu- awesome health mix

I give my son saathumaavu health mix every day and he eats it without any fuss.. it's one of the best healthy organic baby food. Thanks to my little moppet


Sathumaavu Health Mix / Multigrain Health Mix Powder


My 10 months old son loved it sooo much thanks for the product

Didn't suit my baby

I don't say this product is not good .But after eating this my baby feels gassy and uncomfortable.May be it suits other babies but it didn't suit my 6 month old baby.

Sattumavu health mix

Really good. My baby started gaining weight after I started giving him sattumav. thank you for the wonderful product. I myself like the aroma of it when I cook the porridge and tend to take few spoons from baby’s meal 😊