Lacto Booster

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Lactation Booster for Nursing Mothers

The benefits of breastfeeding are well documented, with WHO recommending exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and to continue for as long as the child needs. However one of the most common breastfeeding challenges faced by both new and experienced Moms is a low milk supply. Rather than giving up on breastfeeding altogether, a supply boosting supplement like Little Moppet Foods’ Lacto Booster can help Moms increase their supply to meet their little one’s demand.

Our Lacto Booster is a mix made with ingredients that are known for their lactation boosting properties. Oats is a rich source of dietary beta-glucan, that increases prolactin, the breastfeeding hormone.  Along with oats, whole grains like dalia and brown rice are also high in beta-glucan. The high Calcium content of Sesame seeds helps to boost milk production. Cashews and almonds are rich in healthy fats and Vitamin E, both of which help to maintain a good supply of milk – they also have lots of antioxidants.

There are many things that Moms can do to  to ensure a good supply for milk like drinking lots of water, massaging the breasts and staying relaxed. Little Moppet Foods’ Lacto Booster completes this healthy routine, and since it’s 100% natural and free from preservatives, it is absolutely safe for Mom and baby.

Lacto Booster is available in 200 gm packs.


Little Moppet Foods’ Lacto Booster is:

  • Ideal for new Moms who want to boost their milk supply
  • Also perfect for Moms who need to maintain their supply in extended breastfeeding or tandem breastfeeding
  • Packed with whole grains and nuts that are full of fiber and vital nutrients
  • Made from organic ingredients, cultivated without chemical fertilizers or pesticides
  • 100% natural, without preservatives, artificial flavors, colors or added sugar

Ingredients: Oats, Sabudana, Wheat dalia, Brown rice, Bajra, Sesame seeds, Cashews, Almonds

How to Prepare:

  • Boil 100 ml of milk
  • Add hot milk to 1 tsp of Lacto Booster powder and mix well
  • Serve warm or chilled

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Lacto booster

It's in my daily diet, I felt my BM is reducing after 6m of exclusive breastfeeding... This lacto booster took away all of my worries in single scoop ... Thank u Dr. Hema, looking forward to purchase with you... Is this available in mega pack? If so pls share me a link


Lacto Booster

Increase breast milk naturally

I was little thoughtful how to increase breast milk supply for my twins wid day by increase of their demand.i do not tak tablets except herbal supplements...then I saw the ingredients of lactobooster and bought was a wonderful product and my need was satisfied.thanks to little mopphet