Instant Rice Khichdi powder (with moongdal) trial pack

149.00 Prices include all taxes

Nutritious baby food with the classic combination of energy and protein

  • Recommended Age6 months & above
  • Easily made with piping hot water.
  • Healthy and versatile baby food which goes well with vegetables, curd etc.
  • No preservatives, artificial flavors, sugar or salt.


  • Our Instant Rice Khichdi with Moongdal gives your baby traditional, wholesome nourishment
  • It’s a fantastic travel meal since it’s so easy to carry and quick to prepare
  • It’s lovingly made at home with top-notch ingredients and impeccable hygiene
  • It does not contain any preservatives, salt or sugar. It’s 100% Natural & Safe for your munchkin

Ingredients:Rice, Moong Dal, Pepper, Jeera

Age Recommendation:6months & above

How to Prepare:Add 100 ml of boiled hot water to 4 tbsps of powder and close the bowl with a lid for 5 minutes.After 5 minutes, stir well and serve.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

My baby loved it... its tasty!!

100 % recommendation ♥️

Perfect baby food... i used different flavours and they are just awesome... they smells fresh and u can feel they are made organic... made with love and by heart... so babies obviously love them... this instant baby food powers are really so much helpful while traveling 👍🤩

Didn’t like the taste

I would suggest please don’t add pepper and cumin to this powder. Some babies may not like it. My baby didn’t like the taste at all.

Hi Shreya, Thank you for your suggestion dear. Instant mix without spices will be very bland and tasteless, as salt is not added in baby foods. Not just taste dear it also adds health. Pepper and cumin is good for digestion, cold, cough and also helps to prevent gastric issues. Introducing spices early is good and highly beneficial for your baby.
My kiddo loving it !!

My baby is 8 months and I was not sure about the taste of the instant khichdi mix whether my baby would like it or not. He usually resist when I introduce some new food to him, but to my surprise, he actually love this (instant khichdi mix) !!!! I'm so happy with the product.



Healthy and easy

Loved it

My baby just loved to eat

I was worried about my 6 month old baby food time while traveling and while attending any family function. But your instant powerders are just works amazing.Even at home sometimes I made it while he is hungry and nouc time to prepare cerelac. They are life savier for me andy baby. He loves to have both wheat Dalia and rice moong dal instants. And thank you so much for whatever I have asked regarding these replied me quickly. Thanks a ton.


Very satisfying


My 6 month old daughter enjoyed it . It really helped when she was not willing to eat the new foods that we offered , she would scream to eat something , so we quickly make this instant kichidi n she would finish the whole portion . Thankyou . Looking forward to try other products too


Instant Rice Khichdi Powder (with Moongdal) - Trial Pack