Banana Multigrain Health Drink

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Balance out your picky eater’s diet with a glass of good health!

Most babies are willing to try a variety of foods as soon as they start solids. However, as they cross 8 months and enter the next stage of weaning, they can start to get pickier about what they eat. This can result in a deficiency of essential nutrients during this critical growth phase. However, you can fix this in a pinch!

With Little Moppet Food’s Banana Multigrain Health Drink, you’re all set to tackle your little one’s fussiness. With the ultimate combination of 6 different millets and assorted seeds and nuts, you have a dish that’s just brimming with good health! And when you combine these super powers with the high fiber and healthy calories of Kerala bananas, you know you have a winner on your hands!

The best part of our Banana Multigrain Health Drink is that you can feed it as porridge to babies and young toddlers, or as a drink for older kids. A glass of this nutritious beverage in the morning, and you don’t have to worry about all the tricks they pull out at meal times the rest of the day!

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Little Moppet Foods’ Banana Multigrain Health Drink is:

  • Free from all kinds of preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, sugar or salt
  • Prepared from 100% natural and fresh ingredients
  • Easy to make and easily digestible

Age Recommendation: 8 months & above

Ingredients: Raw Kerala Banana Powder, Barnyard Millet (Jhangora), Finger Millet (Ragi), Foxtail Millet (Kangni), Kodo Millet (Kodra), Little Millet (Kutki), Pearl Millet (Bajra), Sorghum (Jowar), Corn, Sago, Horsegram, Sesame Seeds, Almonds, Pistachios, Cashew Nuts

How to Prepare:

  • Add 2 tbsp of Banana Multigrain Health Drink powder to 1 cup of piping hot water and cook for 2 minutes.
  • For children over 1 year, you can add 2 tbsp of the powder to 1 cup of piping hot milk.
  • Mix well and serve as porridge for babies or as a drink for older children.


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