Choco-Dates Smoothie Mix – Instant Health Drink Powder For Kids And Adults

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Mix health and taste with a glass of creamy and delicious Choco Dates Smoothie!

Here’s a riddle for your kids – what’s tall, brown, good looking and great for your health? Not sure if they can guess, but you’ll know the answer – Little Moppet Foods’ Choco Dates Smoothie!

Yes, we’ve gone and made a tasty thing yummier, by adding chocolate! And we’ve done it without taking away from the original benefits of the ingredients. This smoothie mix has dates in the starring role, packed with iron, potassium, copper, calcium and more. Then there are cashew nuts to encourage healthy bone development, almonds for good brain function and oats for some good ol’ dietary fiber.

Yes, Little Moppet Foods’ Choco Dates Smoothie is truly a wonder mix! And it’s all the more so because it doesn’t contain any sort of added flavors or preservatives. All you can taste is the natural sweetness of dates, the richness of the nuts and of course, the delicious chocolate!

  • Recommended Age – 1 year & above
  • Easily made in 2 minutes.
  • Dates are rich in iron, potassium, copper, calcium and more.
  • Iron helps in good concentration, fiber aids smooth bowel movements and the essential minerals and vitamins boost brain development.
  • No preservatives, artificial flavors, sugar or salt.


Age Recommendation: 1 year and above

Ingredients: Dates, Cashew nuts, Pistachios, Almonds, Oats, Cocoa  

Instructions to Prepare:

  • Make sure all the utensils are thoroughly clean, and also wash your hands before preparing the food.
  • Mix 2 teaspoons of powder in a glass of cold milk(100 ml).
  • Add a sweetener of your choice, as required.
  • Blend it in a blender & serve chill.

Storage and Shelf Life:

Once opened, transfer the contents of the packet to a clean and dry airtight container immediately. Shelf life is 6-8 months under refrigeration and 4 months at room temperature.

Note: Before introducing any new foods to babies, please do follow 3 Day Rule.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
It's amazing

Taste is yummy, and much better than other chocolate based drinks


its good

healthy chocolate smoothe

i wished to give dates for my kids.but they dont like too much sweet in diet so i preferred this smoothie with milk.They liked the taste better.


My daughter loved it.


Choco-Dates Smoothie Mix - Instant Health Drink Powder for Kids and Adults

Really works

Best remedy for cough and cold be it any stage. It works for sure 😊👍

Loved it

My daughter doesn't like dates as it is so I tried this. N now am adding this to almost every porridge. She like this way. Nice way to give dates in daily food.


It's very coarsely ground my son doesn't likes it.. can't it be finely powdered

Hi Nancy, Thank you for the feedback. The powders are ground in the kitchen mixie. So the consistency is coarse. However, overgrinding will leave oil behind, fine powder is possible only with addition of white sugar and other additives. As we we do not add any artificial sweeteners or additives it has the natural coarse consistency. Try sieving and using until your baby gets used it dear.
It's taste great

Great taste... My kids love it...


Choco-Dates Smoothie Mix - Instant Health Drink Powder for Kids and Adults