No Starving Child

While you feed your child, feed a child less fortunate

Did you know?

  • Close to 1.3 million children in India die of hunger every year
  • Hunger kills more people than Aids, Malaria and Tuberculosis combined
  • One in every three malnourished children in the world lives in India

Our child going to bed without food one night is nothing short of a calamity for us. Imagine there are millions of little children who may be going to bed hungry almost every day.

If a community of over 15,000 mothers decides to help, can you imagine how many starving children we can feed?

Towards this end, Little Moppet Foods has partnered with Feeding India to launch the ‘No Starving Child’ program this festive season.

How will ‘No Starving Child’ work?

From September 14, 2016 till November 14,2016 every TWO regular sized packs of Little Moppet Foods you purchase will mean ONE meal for a hungry child. These are children who attend NGO-run schools that Feeding India partners with.

So every time you purchase two packs, we at Little Moppet Foods will contribute the amount required to feed 1 meal to an underprivileged child, to Feeding India. If you purchase four packs, it means two meals, and so on.

As you feed your child, you will be feeding another very hungry, but less fortunate child. Without any additional expense or effort on your part.

It’s the most tangible, direct difference that we can all make towards eradicating hunger from India.

You can check out our range of Little Moppet Foods products here.

How will ‘No Starving Child’ help?

Under similar programs, Feeding India serves meals in NGO based schools in Gurgaon. These schools pool in their meagre resources and setup classrooms where they teach children on a daily basis. These children come from nearby slum areas. Their parents are typically from the neighboring states who come to NCR seeking employment.

Due to improper ID cards and verification, the kids cannot get admission into government schools and thus have no other alternative to education. There is little or no motivation for the parents to send the children to school. The ones that do come, barely receive one meal a day due to low income from their family.

Hunger Heroes from Feeding India visit the shelter homes daily and provide them with the prepared meals. These meals comprise of 1 dal, 1 vegetable, chappatis, rice, and some dessert.

They have seen great impact in the NGO based schools where they donate regularly. Apart from the increase in nutrition levels, there is a direct increase in the attendance rate and performance of students in class.

So through ‘No Starving Child’, together we can make an impact that is far greater than just satiating hunger.

About Feeding India

Feeding India a not-for-profit (NGO) social enterprise that leads various programs towards eradicating hunger from India. They have done fantastic work in this area with their team of 2000+ Hunger Heroes spread across India. If you speak to their team you can’t help but be inspired by their passion.

You can also choose to make a direct contribution to Feeding India here.

As we relish the goodies and festivities around us, let’s spare a thought for these children.

Even if one less child sleeps on an empty stomach, we would have made a difference.

No starving child