ImmunoBooster Combo – Increase Immunity for Kids and Adults

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Boost your family’s immunity with the unbeatable power of nuts, grains, and millets

Seasonal changes are hard on kids and sometimes on grown-ups too. Someone in the family is usually wheezing or coughing during season changes, don’t you agree? Can we do something about it? Absolutely!

We can go back to our roots and tap the immunity building power of millets like Ragi (finger millet), Jowar (sorghum) and Kangni (foxtail millet); the energy from whole-grains like wheat, dalia and oats; and the chock-full of vitamins, minerals, proteins and good fats from almonds, cashew nuts and other nuts and seeds.

We have put together an Immunity Booster combo for you which can safeguard your family from illnesses especially during seasonal changes. By having these mixes daily, you give our body the best chance at keeping illnesses away. In this combo you will get:

  • Little Moppet Foods Immunobooster Drink – Our Immuno Booster Drink combines the immunity boosting benefits of almonds, cashew nuts, turmeric, oats, sesame seeds, and other healthy seeds.
  • Little Moppet Foods’ Multi-millet Pancake Mix – Rich in protein, calcium, iron, fiber, and antioxidants, these pancakes make for the perfect breakfast for the family. And the icing on the (pan)cake – it takes only minutes to whip up these beauties!
  • Little Moppet Foods’ Nuts Powder – A spoonful of the Nuts Powder adds healthy fats, lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are essential for growing kids.

Our Immuno Booster Combo comes with 100 gms of Immunobooster Mix, 75 gms of the Multi Millets Pancake Mix, 50 gms of Nuts Powder, and 100 gms of Multigrain Health Drink.

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20 in stock

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