Power Breakfast Combo for Adults

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Fuel your body with foods that energize!

In our busy lives while we juggle multiple balls day in and day out, our bodies bear the brunt of poor food choices made as a result of time crunch. How about stocking your pantry with homemade, 100% natural, preservative-free food mixes that offer a multitude of nutrients with very little time required in the kitchen?

The following of our food mixes and noodles are particularly popular with busy parents:

  • Little Moppet Foods’ Energy Nutri Mix – With whole grains, lentils, nuts and seeds, the Energy Nutri Mix breakfast is an explosion of health! This fantastic mix provides complex carbohydrates for energy, protein for strength, and healthy fats for nerve function.

Our Power Combo comes with 100 gms of the Organic Instant Millet Dosa, 100 gms of Ragi Noodles,100 gms of Energy Nutri Mix, and 100 gms Multigrain Health Drink.

20 in stock

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