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    Organic Jaggery 400 gm

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  • Coconut Sugar

    Now you can sweeten it up with with Raw Coconut! Here's the fix for most of you, you want your food sweet and tasty but you are wary of using sugar. Whether it is your favourite dessert, early morning brew or the sweet your making for your kid's birthday, you want it sweet but do not want to compromise on health. With Little Moppet Foods' Organic Coconut Sugar you can have the benefit of an organic and nutritious sweetener for the family. Coconut sugar is made from coconut sap that is dehydrated, considered a raw food it is filled with anti-oxidants that fight ageing. In addition, coconut sugar retains most of the nutrients found in coconut palm and minerals like zinc, calcium and potassium along with healthy fats and Vitamin C. What more can you ask for? when the sugar you add is not just empty calories but nutrient rich. This fibre rich sweetener will boost your immunity while preventing cholesterol and heart disease. Our Organic Coconut Sugar comes unprocessed straight from the coconut tree, free from preservatives and chemical additives. Also the coconut trees use very little water compared to sugar cane cultivation making it a great choice to save our precious resources and stay healthy. Each pack contains 100 gm of Organic Coconut Sugar
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